Papa BearInternational Person of Leather 2015Las Vegas, NV At the age of 16, Papa Bear began his journey researching his hidden passions via books and other literature (the only legal recourse when one discovers such proclivities at such a tender age); at age 18, a wonderful Miss took him under her wing. Under her tutelage, he learned step-by-step how to use the tools he fetishized, and he hasn’t looked back since. An active member of the Las Vegas community for some time now, Papa Bear is the 2015 President for LUC of LV, a member of the Las Vegas Leadership Council, a member of Vegas Valley TNG, a core staff member of Sin in the City, and served as the Associate Director for the last Las Vegas Mentors Program. In March of 2014, he was honored to win the title of Mr. Southwest Olympus Leather 2014 and won the title of International Person Of Leather in 2015. Papa Bear is a leatherman on the rise and wants to help share his knowledge and the knowledge of others with everyone who hungers for it as much as he!

Levi "Otter"Mr. Leather Colorado 2011Denver, COLevi "Otter" discovered his love for leather as a young kid when he was given his first pair of cowboy boots and taught how to care for them. Little did he know that love would translate itself into a core set of values and lead him to a community that would truly become his chosen family transcending traditional family constructs. Tai, Otter’s beautiful husband and sexy support dog, accompanies him and assists when presenting and instructing many of his classes. Otter served as Mr. Leather Colorado 2011 and competed at the International Mr. Leather contest in May 2012 where he placed in the top 20. He trained for several years at Denver Bound, a traditional rope bondage studio, under the instruction of Master Robert; and has been an instructor at large for them ever since. Otter’s life focuses both on his own education as well as the education he can give back to the community in gratitude for the invaluable things it has given him.

Considered by some to be the mysterious Girl Friday who keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes, Ms Vylette has been on staff as a Domme at Pavlovia for approximately five years. During that time she's discovered not only a natural talent for impact play but also a serious love of teaching. Her interest in BDSM and kink began as a teenager with convincing willing boyfriends to let her tie them up and has evolved into a deep appreciation of the different ways that our desires can be expressed and enjoyed. Originally thinking that she was joining Pavlovia to simply have fun and hone her skills, Ms Vylette assists with training new apprentices and has presented classes at events in Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah; both with Headmistress Saskia and on her own.

Vylette GraceDenver, CO

Reggie Alexander and his poly family have been in the leather lifestyle since 2006. Through their company, Poly’s Pleasures, they have traveled the country attending lifestyle events selling their chainmail jewelry and clothing. They can often be found presenting classes on a wide range of topics including business, writing, and the polyamorous and power exchange lifestyles, to name a few. They are also published authors of BDSM, polyamorous and power exchange romance novels.

Poly's PleasuresDenver, CO

with former lives in the theatre world, the tech industry, and as a massage therapist—now lives with her Master and works as the office manager in a law office, specializing in cases involving the adult industry and sexual freedom. Her scene-related writing has been published in Power Exchange Magazine and Kink-e-Zine, as well as on several websites. Jazz is the producer of Sin in the City, a co-founder of the International Person of Leather (InterPOL) Contest, the founder of Las Vegas Leather Women (LVLW), and a member of many lifestyle related organizations in Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past 15 years, Jazz has served as the producer for SouthWest Olympus Leather, the Education Coordinator for The Shack (Southern Nevada’s first community play space), has been on the production staff of several large kink events throughout the United States, and has taught across the country on subjects including relationship dynamics, humiliation play, household organization for slaves, entertaining, massage for kinksters, and maintaining headspace as well as a host of skills and techniques. She maintains a blog at:

Sir Gareth and slave toi met in the summer of 2006; at the time Sir Gareth was living in Colorado and slave toi in California. The couple began a long distance relationship and visited each other frequently until Sir Gareth moved to California in February 2007.

On February 17, 2007, slave toi accepted Sir Gareth’s collar in a formal ceremony at The Lair in Los Angeles. In June of 2009, they moved into their lakeside home in Northern Colorado. They were legally married in July 2009. They say marriage has not changed their relationship as Master and slave, but publicly honors it in a way that is culturally acknowledged. The say, “The collaring was for us, the marriage was for our family”, always keeping their Master/slave relationship their first priority.

Sir Gareth is the Director of MAsT-Fort Collins and slave toi is the secretary and treasurer. Sir Gareth is the Regional Rep for the Southwest Region for MAsT- International. Slave toi is the Director of Public Relations and Promotions for the Denver girls Of Leather. They both serve on the board of directors for The Colorado LeatherFest. They are also members of MAsT-Metro Denver, MAsT – International and a number of clubs in Colorado and California.

Sir Gareth and slave toi are honored to be the Southwest Leather Master and slave 2015 and the Colorado Master and slave 2014.

They have presented since winning their 2015 SWLC title at the Colorado Leather Fest, MAsT – Fort Collins, 50 Shades weekend in Maui with Ming Dinasty, Northwest Leather Celebration in San Jose, CA, DomConLA…and that’s just through Mid-May! This year they will also present at MAsT - Alamo City Texas, Great Lakes Leather Alliance in Indianapolis and many other venues still awaiting assignments! Their hope is to present on Master/slave relationships in every State in the Southwest Region and beyond!

slave Jazz

Las Vegas, NV

Sir Gareth & slave toiDenver, CO

Since his introduction into the BDSM lifestyle in the early 90s, the "Kinkstar" Simon Blaise has shared his passion for BDSM with the world as an international presenter at BDSM/Leather events across the globe for the last 9 years. As an attorney, he has provided pro bono legal services to members of the BDSM, Leather and LGBTQ communities for the last 10 years. As an intersex transgender person with multiple personalities, who was born both genders and lives equally as both a male and a female, he hopes to pave the way for others in our community to feel more comfortable about living authentically and openly. Simon's ultimate goal is to be a part of helping society see BDSM as a beautiful and rewarding subculture that deserves all the legal protections afforded to other minorities.

Recently, Simon Blaise, along with his soul sister Alexandria Blaise, were given the distinct honor and privilege to serve as Rocky Mountain Person of Leather 2014.

Simon has revolutionized fire play with his innovation of fire torches he calls, Blaise Sticks that allow for longer burn times (approx. 15 min), safer fueling techniques, and less refueling, which means more fire play. He is also responsible for the introduction of his Blaise Wrap Suspension technique to the kink community, bringing a whole new dimension to suspension while providing a much safer alternative to rope suspension. Simon's latest innovation, Blaise Floggers, provides a safer alternative to "fire flogging" that actually gives the bottom the sensation of both leather and fire simultaneously.

Simon teaches courses on fire play with Blaise Sticks, polyvinyl suspensions using the Blaise Wrap technique, flogging, canning, single tail, violet wands, M/s relationships, improving one's scene with connection and spirituality, and much more.

Master Z of Texas is a well-known Dominant, presenter and leader in the Leather and BDSM scene. He is the International Master 2004 and travels the United States and Canada making presentations and serving as keynote speaker at many events. Master Z is the Owner of slave bill, slave kiki, slave tina, and slave trudy and in a power exchange relationship with Douglas of Ottawa, Canada.

Master Z is Chairman and President of the Board of Directors for Butchmanns, Inc. and currently is an instructor for the Butchmanns Weekend Experience. He is the producer and HeadMaster for boys Training Camps and co-producer of Master’s Retreat. In 2010, Master Z was the recipient of the Leather SINS (Social Interaction of the North Shore) President’s Award. He was the recipient of the “Master’s Heart Award” in 2006 and the “Leatherman’s Heart Award” in 2004. He is one of the Head of Household for the Texas Leather Tribe; a Leather family he shares responsibility for with his wonderful Leather Brothers, Master Roy and Master Glen.

Master Z is eternally grateful to his mentors, the late Master Dean Walradt and the late boy Patrick Chees, who taught him much of the Leather protocols and rituals that he cherishes today. Master Z is certain that his Leather Journey and BDSM experiences are directly related to his Spiritual Path.

Simon Blaise

Hollywood, CA

Master ZArlington, TX

Robert, is passionate about his Rope Bondage and his passion for teaching others rope bondage and the D/s lifestyle.

Experienced Rope Artist, teacher and performer.

Master RobertDenver, CO

We apologize, boi lee has contacted us and he is unable to attend for job related reasons.

In 2000 Robert Campbell joined Denver Bound and started to teach his passion of rope.

To make him a better rope artist and teacher he traveled throughout Mexico, Canada and the US under many different teachers, and was invited to Japan to study with Osada Steve. This is where Robert learned the techniques of Japanese Rope Bondage & art.

All of his studies increased his knowledge of rope and its use in binding the body. The last 12 or more years he has turned on many a student’s passion for rope bondage and teaching.

Denver Bound and Robert have worked very hard to build a rope community here in Colorado. Robert has presented many workshops and demos of rope bondage and BDSM with many local clubs and groups in Colorado as well as Thunder in the Mountains, other events in Ohio, Kansas, Boston, Utah, Missouri.

boi lee

Colorado Springs, CO

Bent from birth, SG found his way into the leather faerie community in the 80's, where he learned about the spirituality of BDSM. A decade later, he discovered the leather community, broadening and deepening his appreciation for our practices, sacred and profane. SG passed on what he had learned of the technical aspects of BDSM in the Bay Area before there were public classes. He graduated from the Journeyman 3 Academy, and later became its headmaster. He has also been facilitating weekly groups on intimacy in authority-exchange relationships for over a decade.

SGSan Francisco, CA

International and Pacific Coast Power Exchange 2015 titleholders Ranell, Aren and Ms WillowKat are a committed triad within a web of leather families. Ranell - Master, slave, leatherdyke and mystic - is passionate about mindfulness, healthy communication and self-mastery. Aren’s trickster energy shines through her words and actions as a journeyman priestess, writer, leather educator and slave. Ms. WillowKat brings her creative passion for healing to her endeavors as shamanic priestess, Master, kinky caregiver and midwife to the dying. Our passions include D/s, sex magic, BDSM edge play, tree-hugging, motorcycles, and heading canine packs. We balance monastic leanings with intricate polyamorous lives.

The presenter found the Utah kink community in 2002, after many years of searching. He promptly enrolled at the Journey III Academy, and graduated in 2003. He has been a rope enthusiast since the age of 5, and has maintained an interest in shibari over the years. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to share with this year's Rebellion attendees the history and culture of shibari, as well as a few standard ties that are used to compose more complex ties.

IPE 2015 Triad

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Sir Justin has been active in the Chicago leather community for the past 15 years, 6 years of that time devoted to the modern puppy movement. He has served his community as Mr Mephisto Leather, 2007 (where he was a finalist in IML 29); Illinois Leather Sir, 2012/2014 (where was first runner-up at Great Lakes Leather Alliance); currently he serves not only Chicago and Illinois, but the entire puppy community as IPTC’s International Trainer. He is an active member of several Midwest-based groups including The Chicago Puppy Patrol, Chicago Area Gear Enthusiasts, Titans of the Midwest, and he is an honorary member of pup-and-Handler groups across North America. He founded Sir Justin’s Kennel, which is an organization of pups and Handlers who want to serve the community through charity fundraising and helping to set up new pup-and-Handler groups.

Sir Justin has become a sought-after speaker, educator, emcee, and judge on regional, national, and international levels. His true passion is education, and he is a fierce advocate of education as a means to unify communities. He regularly holds educational seminars on all things ‘puppy and Handler-related’, but he also works hard to educate title-holders and potential titleholders on the subjects of community service, activism, and leadership. One of the primary goals of his IPTC title-year is to help establish regional puppy competitions for the local bar titles to feed into. It is his strong belief that the additional contest level will better prepare local titleholders for the international platform. He travels most commonly with his partner, pup tork, who is currently IPTC’s International Puppy. Thus far during their title year, they have traveled to (or are scheduled to be in) 28 states and 2 Canadian provinces.

He is extremely proud to be Mama’s Little Desperado.


Justin St. JamesChicago, IL

Autumn encountered kink through an extremely awkward threesome seven years ago. It took the precocious darling a few years to actually come to terms with what they wanted out of life and actively become involved in kink. A year later she met an absolute powerhouse of a leatherwoman who was kind enough to take Autumn under her wing. The mentorship proved to be the best thing happen to our young protagonist. Through the tutelage, encourage, and advice Autumn grew to love Leather as well. This love only grew in Autumn when she decided to run for a title, and we are now caught up to present day. Autumn is the current SouthEast Person of Leather. Through that title, the witty switch hopes to show people throughout the various alternative lifestyles that gender and sexuality have no bearing on whether or not a person can identify as Leather.

AutumnChatanooga, TN

Amadio began his leather journey in September 1999 at the Center for Sex Positive Culture, better known then as The Wetspot, in Seattle, WA. A few years later he became a founding member, and soon thereafter, a Co-Director of Ascension, Seattle’s first TNG group. He was a member of the TNG national leadership for a short period, and completely stepped aside for new leadership in 2008.

Master Tallen came into the Master/slave lifestyle in 1997 as a slave. He began his evolution into Mastery in early 2002 and is proud of where his journey has taken him. He has experienced a lot on both sides, and with the help of many, has been exposed to numerous perspectives. He enjoys sharing his experiences with others and trying to help them find their own paths. He has presented classes and judged Leather Contests all over the U.S. and beyond.Currently Master Tallen is the owner and producer of the Heartland Person of Leather Contest, and is the Executive Producer of International Puppy and Trainer Contest. He is a Member of NLA Dallas, DPEX, and MAsT, and serves on the EC of Beyond Vanilla.

In 2005, he created the Master/slave Flag. In 2008 he won the Leather title as Northeast Master. In 2011 he became Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather, and subsequently was honored to be selected as International Mr. Olympus Leather 2011.He loves sharing what he has experienced as well hearing from others. He is also honored to have received many Pantheon of Leather nominations over the years. But the most rewarding thing of all has been the countless number of people he has helped along in their own journeys.

Their successes, and words of thanks to him, mean more than anything.


Salt Lake City, UT

Master Tallen, International Mr. Olympus Leather 2011Gun Barrel City, TX

In 2009 Amadio relocated to Salt Lake City, UT, where he assisted in the organization of a Salt Lake City- TNG, and began teaching more frequently for The Utah Power Exchange, The Path, and The Wasatch Academy for the Refinement of Ladies and Gentleman of Leather, as well as founding a monthly Bondage Social.

In 2011 Amadio won the regional title of Mr. Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather, and competed in the International Olympus Leather competition during the Pantheon of Leather Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

Amadio is a graduate of The Journey: Salt Lake City, and Leather Quest: Salt Lake City (formerly The Journeyman III Academy), a vigorous leather program that honors the traditions of earned leather, community building, leadership, spirit, and self knowledge. Amadio has relinquished his leathers, and has been grateful to a community that has seen fit to award them back over the past three years of service to my adopted community.