Dungeon Parties

Dungeon Parties will be sponsored and hosted by Insurrection.

Friday & Saturday Night Dungeon Parties

All VIP attendees are invited to attend our onsite dungeon parties.

4800 Feet in total Dungeon Space. The largest dungeon space in Utah.

The Parties will be a mix of play and dance. Music will be EDM with a dedicated area to dance.

Don't miss the new play equipment we will have this year.

Friday Night: Pandora's Box Women's Party in the Hospitality Suite (Included with VIP Wristband)

Saturday Night: blackBOOTS Men's Party @ the Clubhouse (Included with VIP Wristband)

    • St. Andrew's Crosses

    • Suspension Frames

    • Spanking Benches

    • Bondage Tables

    • Slings

    • Pillory

    • Cages

    • Medical Exam Tables

    • Surgical Chairs

    • and More...