Community Partners

Apply to be a community partner for 2020 Deadline is June 1st 2020

Community Partners for Rebellion: BDSM / Kink / Fetish / Leather organizations are eligible to sign up. All community partners will receive a discount code for $5 off for their members. We ask that you not publish this code on fetlife, or on the web, you may email it out. If your code ends up public, we will turn it off. All community partners are eligible for 50% off our advertising rates for the event program. Are you a member of a group and want to save a few bucks? Ask your leadership to sign up! There are no costs associated with it. Applications are processed on a Monthly basis. So it might take awhile to get a response.

Community Partners are eligible for some great benefits.

We will mail you posters and bar cards on request to promote your involvement with Rebellion.

Our asks:

    • Advertise that you are a community partner to your membership and encourage them to attend and show their pride in your group.

    • We ask that at least 1 person from your group attends the event.

Events are eligible to be community partners with reciprocation.

Vendors and certain commercial entities are ineligible. If you are deemed ineligible we will contact you and explain our concerns.

2019 Community Partners