Class Schedule 2016

Schedule is Subject to Change


Special Early Bird Class w/ The Path of SLC

7:00pm @ Hotel RL

Presenter: Shahrazad

Class: Permission to Feel Satisfied, Sir?

Our D/s and M/s relationships offer us a smorgasbord of gifts in the form of learning, connection, intimacy, and pleasure, but what happens when we have a hard time taking in the growth and nourishment that they provide? Many of us have internalized shame and guilt about our desire for power exchange, leading us to believe that we do not deserve to experience joy or happiness from living the way we do. If you have been feeling like your personal satisfaction in D/s or M/s is always just beyond your reach, or can’t seem to get off the treadmill of “not good enough” and “not perfect yet”, this workshop will teach you how to stop, relax, and drink deeply from the well of what you have already created.