2022 - Presenters and Keynote

Hardy Haberman

Hardy Haberman has been active in the leather/BDSM scene since the mid 1970's. He is a well known author, educator and speaker on Leather/Kink subjects and the chairperson of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington, DC.

His 5 books are still in print and available on Amazon.com including his latest "Shouts in the Wilderness. Meditations for Leatherfolk". He is winner of many awards including the Pantheon of Leather Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award, NGLTF Leather Leadership Award, and NLAI Lifetime Achievement Award.

He is also a regular columnist for The Dallas Voice newspaper. Haberman is an active member of the Cathedral of Hope Church in Dallas, TX, known for having the largest predominately gay and lesbian congregation in the world.

Bri Burning

Bri Burning (she/her and they/them) is your International Person of Leather 2020 and Northwest Person of Leather 2019! Bri Burning is a leather, genderqueer femme, proud Indigenous Mexican, leather little, s-type, Ma’am to one, and babygirl identified person. They have been active in the SF/Bay Area BDSM and Leather community since 2010 and started their journey as a presenter in 2015 at the SF Citadel and Dark Odyssey Surrender. She is the moderator of the SF Submissive Safe Space, a leader of the Submissive Girls Night Out group, and a member of the SF girls of Leather. Her passion in kink/leather education continuously grows in topics such as self-care, power exchange, age play, and service—which she spreads like glitter!

slave adeena

slave adeena started her journey over... now a lady never tells her age! The calling through the slave path grew her passion for protocol, rituals and the building of authority exchange relationships. Her path lead her to grow in leather and build her service to the community. slave adeena learned the value of a good listening ear, warm smile and hug.

slave adeena has served as the 2017 International Person of Leather and the 2015 - 2016 Heartland Person of Leather. She was the President of Titans of the Midwest 2021-2022 the Vice President of Titans of the Midwest 2020-2021 and supporting member of Blue Max CC St. Louis. She has presented at various BDSM clubs and conventions throughout the United States. slave adeena continues to grow with each encounter and is always looking for ways to grow.

Apollo Bound

Apollo (21yo, he/they) is Southeast Bootblack 2022 and a queer Leatherperson in Orlando, Florida. He identifies as a polyamorous, trans-nonbinary panromantic demisexual, and within kink most strongly identifies as a self-collared versatile Switch, a Bootblack, and a Critter. He is in a pack with his polycule. Apollo considers kink and Leather a 24/7 aspect of his life. As someone of Irish-Romani Gypsy descent, Apollo started the Opre Rome (“Rise Roma!”) Project to advocate for education on Gypsies to non-Romani, and justice and equality for Gypsies in the UK and Eastern Europe. Apollo founded and now leads the Asexual Spectrum Group of Central Florida, which hosts classes/presentations, munches, and safe space play parties. He's a volunteer for the Orlando Sharps Play Group and is a member of Orlando TNG, The Woodshed Orlando, The Tampa Bay Phoenix Club, and Critter Corner. Apollo flags Both/Center for Black (S&M), Gray (Bondage), and Purple (Piercer).

Kinky Quartermaster

Hello, I'm Ravi

Artist, inventor, performer, photographer, all around cool guy. He is a lover of rope with a passion for sharing knowledge. Rope is a passion of Ravi's and can be used many ways from simple restraint to ties specifically designed for intimate activity. He has done rigging for the popular adult site Dungeon Corp and as a host of the Las Vegas Rope Social, he both shares and learns new things constantly. A firm believer that all rope is good rope and that rope is for everyone.

Steward Dorian

Steward Dorian is The Leather Privateer! A Non-binary, Trans, Neuro-diverse, Non-monogamous, Disabled, Veteran, Leather Queer. They have been running around the kink, leather, renaissance, and pirate communities for nearly a decade. Dorian is currently pursuing a degree in Public Health Education with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Queer Studies from OHSU. They are also building their own business offering Life Coaching and Education, specializing in basic life skills, relationships, and sexual health, as well as corporate consulting and training in employee wellness and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). They have been a National Registered EMT for over 16 years, including nearly 11 years as a Combat Medic in the U.S. Army. Dorian as been teaching and mentoring their whole life, finding a true passion for it at a young age.


Lark (she/her) is a queer, polyamorous, submissive woman living in Colorado. Long admiring the Leather community from afar, in 2019 Lark began participating by attending her first Colorado Leatherfest. She has participated in the Denver kink scene since 2008, and is also a professional historian and teacher. Lark enjoys asking ‘why’, helping people embrace and experience the things that make them happy, and creating things out of wool, silk, and (of course) leather.


Acrodag With 10+ years in the kink community, I seek to share the knowledge I've gained as well as highlight diverse experiences and voices in our community. As the new Education Director at Denver Sanctuary, I co-facilitate monthly Topside Talks to create a space where all those who identify left of the slash can share their knowledge, concerns and support. I also have a passion for intermediate level kink education and helping practitioners take their skills to the next level by incorporating more dynamics and soft skills.

Pony Tromper

Pony Tromper (he/him) is an enthusiastic ponyboy and educator who has been active in the leather and pony play scenes for nearly 25 years. Tromper believes in community service-through-deeds; to that end, he strives to present a positive, visible example of dependable character and community service to the Pony Play and broader Leather & BDSM communities. He is deeply honored to serve his community as the North American Pony ‘20/’21 title holder.

Beast and echo

Born in Germany to German and Lakota parents, Beast (He/Him) is a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherman, a biker, bodybuilder, musician, and cigar daddy. His slave echo (she/they) is a UK-born, pansexual, polyamorous Leatherwoman who enjoys crochet and Wicket and Cricket her sugar gliders.

Beast and echo are your 2022 International Master and slave. Together with their partner Liv, they are raising 3 children in beautiful Colorado. They enjoy sharing with and learning from others, and have found a storytelling style that allows them to share their triumphs and mistakes with honesty, transparency and humor.


Leo found his path in life learning to live radically and authentically in 1988.

Leo’s passion for piercing, body modification, and other manipulations of the flesh know no bounds. He is an educator at heart and has been educating since 1997, and is also the founder and owner of Beyond Piercing.

Many would tell you that Leo is approachable, straightforward, kind, and innovative. He is Leather, spiritually focused, Master, heavy sadist, disabled, and trans-masculine identified. Leo enjoys that every day he is given the opportunity to remember that he is human and laughs at himself often.


Tomo (she/they) is a queer butch leatherdyke who found the leather community during a sunset motorcycle ride with her wife Mel decades ago. She has presented classes, produced events, served as a judge, keynote speaker, auctioneer and emcee at leather events since. Tomo has been served by her Majordomo levi for over 15 years.

Tomo is Owner and Producer of South Plains Leatherfest and the International Master slave Contest. She served as Northwest slave 2015 and International slave 2016/2021. She was a Producer of Northwest Leather Celebration, the Northwest Master slave, Northwest Bootblack, and Northwest Person of Leather Contests. She was also a Producer of International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack for seven years. She co-produces the Ms Sacramento Leather Contest and is a founding member of the D.U.C.

Quinn Lennox and Tensegrity

Quinn Lennox (they/them) and Tensegrity (she/they) are a dynamic duo based out of Denver, CO. Ten and Quinn began teaching together in 2020. As switches they bring a unique perspective to their classes. They have a unique, innovative approach to education, focusing on their passion and knowledge of kink, rope, and human connection. Their combined backgrounds in health care and bodywork lend knowledge around mitigating and managing risks when it comes to higher risk edge play. Quinn joined the BDSM community in 2013 and Ten joined in 2018. They both have taught and volunteered locally, and produced events. Quinn’s newest project being on the production team for Unabashed, Denver’s first queer kink con, and Ten’s newest endeavor being opening Denver Tiny Rope Studio, where both produce education and regular social events.

Chris Wellman

Chris Wellman (any pronouns) is a polyamorus, pansexual, switch who has been presenting and creating events for alternative lifestyle communities since 2018. Chris is a comedian by trade and runs four lifestyle friendly comedy shows at The Denver Sanctuary and Studio Friction; "Comedy & Kink," "The Knotty Show," "BARE," and "The Slut Down." Chris has been featured on WeTV, Westward, and is a regular at Comedy Works in Denver. Chris also works as the Social Director for Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles.

Chris has a passion for sharing his love for and changing the misconceptions surrounding the BDSM community through the vehicle of comedy. Chris is a self-described sex nerd with a background in Anthropology & Environmental Engineering and loves teaching both philospohical and practical aspects of BDSM to lifestylers and vanillas alike.