November 6th 2022

The Final Rebellion

Today marks the end of an era, thank you to everyone for their support over the last 12 years. What started as a contest in a bar grew to become a full fledge event. We want to thank the three different producers Rebellion had, the staff and volunteers that worked hard and supported the event over the years.

The equipment has been sold and is on it's way out of state. Rocky Mountain Rebellion is officially closed.

We worked hard to create a better, stronger and safer community. We wanted to see a community capable of standing for it's rights and shaping laws that allowed the kind of kink and sexual freedom seen in many other cities. In the end it wasn't external forces that shattered the event but internal ones.

Rebellion worked hard to create an inclusive community, bringing together various segments and various groups. We brought in presenters and keynotes from around the country and created a place where people could expand their horizons. The goal was to bring the national community to Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake City to the national community. Rebellion was proud to be home to the very first Person of Leather competition a contest that recognized community members not for their gender, race or sexual orientation but saw validity in all people of leather. Rebellion led the way hosting caucuses focused on diversity and inclusion.

Only two days before we signed our first hotel contract years and years ago, we met with leaders in the SLC kink community who stated that Utah would never have a Hotel conference because no hotel in Utah would agree to host a kink event. Not only did we get hosted, but over the years we turned down many hotels eager for our business.

We remember fondly our years at the Hotel RL. We would have loved to have hosted this final year at the Hotel RL, it was a great venue. Sadly the Salt Lake City, Hotel RL did not survive the pandemic.

Rebellion was never profitable until this final year, but it's purpose was never to be profitable, it was a labor of love meant to grow the SLC community. This last year we didn't focus on growth and that brought expenses down considerably. We did however raise tens of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations.

We want to be clear, that Rocky Mountain Bootblack, Rocky Mountain Puppy Trainer and Rocky Mountain Person of Leather are all separate entities and we wish them luck in finding or creating a new home.

Thank you for many years of support. We hope whatever rises from the ashes will succeed and prosper. Remember we did it once, it can be done again. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Love in leather...