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Class Schedule

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Wasatch 2 Ty the Gentleman Exhibitionism! Kink Out Loud

Whether it’s a home play party, your local dungeon, or stage we all get that feeling we're being watched. Does it feed you? Does it terrify you? Through exhibition we confront modern day taboo and stigma surrounding our sexuality. This workshop will offer an alternative perspective on exhibitionism and provide a framework for dealing with the challenges that public play presents. 

  Wasatch 3 Bri Burning You're A Filthy Little Aren't You? Dark Age Play 101
    Being a little, middle, or Big has many paths just like any other part of our identity. Sometimes your little self might want to be ravaged, used, fucked, and bruised. Your Big self might want to give stickers to your little one after they've taken the biggest butt plug for you. Maybe your middle side likes to punish your Big for being bossy. In this class we're going to go over taboo, acceptance, negotiation, safety, and how to incorporate dark age play into your scenes/dynamics. *This class is a dark ageplay 101 class, but a 201/301 age play class*

  Cascade 3 Kink Quartermaster Predicament 
    You damned if you do and damned if you don't. Predicament bondage can be an art form all it's own. In this class you will learn the elements of what goes into setting up a predicament bondage scene. With those elements you can adapt predicament bondage to just about any kink you can think of. What to use to make your bottom choose between how they will suffer and how much they will suffer. Or will they be rewarded? This class will show you a few simple predicaments to use as well as how to set up more scenes later.

  Majestic Panda So you wanna be an ally?
    "In 2019, the world is a pretty confusing place. Racism has come back with an astounding vengeance and we have to speak up and step up to fight against it. But how do we actually do that?

In this class I am going to go over:
What racism can look like.
What to do to be an ally when your in a relationship with a Person of Color when your white.
How as an ally you must stop passive racial discriminatory compliance.
How to recognize micro-aggressions and what to do about them.
How to support your friends who are People of Color.
What is not helpful.
And where we can go from here.

Come join me as we navigate this complex issue and leave with some ways to make life better."

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Wasatch 2 Nova To Be OR Not To Be, THAT is the Negotiation!
    Whether you’re a new player or someone who’s been kickin’ around the scene for a while, this is a great chance to get a refresher or just see how others are doing it! Negotiations are all about communicating your wants and needs while keeping the people in the scene safe. Did you know that the negotiations can be some of the hottest part of your scene? Make sure you come ready to participate in a group discussion all about communicating our darkest deepest desires and what could happen if we don’t.

  Wasatch 3 Jen BootSex 101
    There are a million intro to bootblacking workshops out there, and this isn’t one of them. While bootblacking basics will certainly be covered, this is first and foremost an introduction to creating CONNECTION in your stand. Bring leather and your supplies to work with, a willingness to engage with others, and be prepared to find your own style of bootsex!

  Cascade 3 Mike Blacksmith All in the Family
    So you’re thinking of all the sex and fun with your new Poly relationship.... and then the trouble starts. Juggling relationships and obligations and Thanksgiving dinners.

Poly isn't for everyone, but neither is monogamy.  A humorous look at living in 24/7 poly relationships. Topics include:  You can't be my everything; Do you have primary and secondary relationships; Compersion; Monomers; Raising Children in Poly; When consent for Poly is removed; and I'm Poly so I can't cheat. Join Mike Blacksmith who has more than 30 years of living in Polyland, 25 years in the adult industry in front and behind cameras as well as in the business of dildos. He's been yelled at more than a few times and laughed at more than that... 

  Majestic Mistress Cyan Dynamics of a BDSM Scene
    Dynamics of a BDSM Scene – A good, fulfilling BDSM Scene rarely happens by accident. The objective of this class by Mistress Cyan is to bring a better understanding about the dynamics of a BDSM Scene and the elements both parties should be aware of and understand before they play. Some of the topics that will be discussed include the concept of “pain” and how it relates to each partner, negotiation, the exchange of power, and the actual parts of the scene itself.

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Wasatch 2 SexyPG Pick-up Play Speed Dating
    Looking for a play date? Want to play with someone new? Not sure how to meet someone? Too shy to approach someone new? Come meet some new people to see if you can make a connection for some play in the dungeon tonight. 

  Wasatch 3 Papa Bear Shake, Rattle and Roll
    Is rope just not your thing? Does bondage excite you but you want a more... industrial... feel to your scene? Then join in and learn how chains can be a new tool to excite and spice up your kink list! From bondage, to impact, to sensation play; learn how to enjoy chains in ways you never thought possible!

  Cascade 3 Caucus Queer Caucus
    Marginalized voices have sat in the corners of our community for a long time. This panel of queer identified people will strive to cover the numerous identities and narratives that exists in the queer community. They will be adding their voices from the perspectives of people that identify as women and men, transgender and cisgender, people of color, gay, bisexual, and many other identities. The discussion will center around how the leather community can make more space for queerness. Some topics will include issues that people have seen previously, where improvements can be made, and how people can be better allies. The panelists will also spend time unpacking what being queer looks like for each of them to highlight that there is no one way queer manifests. 

All Queerfolk & Allies are invited to attend

  Majestic Jazz The Journey to Nothing: Using Humiliation, Degradation and Objectification to Strengthen Your M/s Relationship
    What are your most basic and personal human needs? Food, sleep, sex, bodily functions. Pigdog Jazz invites you to explore how the exploitation of these needs can bring you closer as Owner and property with the use of dirty talk, ridicule, objectification, denial, embarrassment, body worship, privacy restriction and much, much more. This type of “play” encourages us to dance within our own darkness, the darkness we seek to hide from everyone every day of our lives, which gives us a ritualized and dramatic increase in intimacy. Delve into this taboo and discover the incredible power of ego exposure on a slave’s abrogation of self in service to a Master.

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
8:45 am - 10:15 am Wasatch 2 SexyPG But I Was Topping/Blurring the Lines
    Top? Or Bottom? Dominate or submit? How do you choose? Why do you have to? How can you play both roles in the same scene? PG loves to switch from top to bottom and vice versa often in the same scene. This interactive class will include a discussion on roles, switching mid-scene and switch fighting with some switching exercises and a demo of switching mid-scene. We’ll also discuss switch space and how it’s different from top high and subspace. What other ways can you switch?

Wasatch 3 Panda Paging Dr. Kink
    When you are interested in exploring medical play it may seem like a daunting task to prepare yourself as well as to get all of the equipment needed for a medical scene. Questions arise all of the time; some including: How do we do this safely? How do I know I have the right equipment? How do I know I am staying safe myself as well as how do I know i'm keeping my bottom safe? These questions and more will be explained and answered during this medical play class.

In this class I will explain:
What tools you will need to safely set up a medical scene?
How to safely clean up a medical scene?
I will go over basic needle play, (This will include a demo as well as a hands on portion of the class) I will cover where to buy supplies to set up your own medical kit.
I will have a list that can be emailed so people have links to click. 

Cascade 3 Sir Luke and His victor Queer Leathersex for the 21st Century
    Does the look of people in leather turn you on? Do you idolize Tom of Finland? We will discuss the psychology behind why Leathersex is hot and how to bring what makes it sexy into a queerer, more inclusive lifestyle. Expect to discuss nontraditional sex, the history of Leathersex, and how to build a diverse toolkit for intimacy with queer, nonbinary, and transgender people. All while wearing or loving on leather.

Majestic Ravnos and Pagan Angel Let's go for a ride: The practical guide for an M/s relationship with Chronic Mental Health issues.
    Mental Health issues are prominent more in our community than they are led on to be. The research is out and it is clear. But it is not talked about nearly as often as it should be. In this class Ravnos and Pagan Angel will discuss their personal struggles and challenges they have faced with Pagan as she suffers from severe Chronic Mental health issues and how it has affected their dynamic, how they survived, techniques on when to let up, and when to buckle down on structure, protocol and rituals.  Also, when to choose to be a good partner instead of a good Master and visa versa. Come join us for a class that is sure to be a ride.

10:45 am - 12:15 pm Wasatch 2 Caucus Women's Caucus
    The Women’s Caucus facilitates civil discussion and exploration of issues critical to women in our kink communities. We will introduce different ideas of "women’s experience" into the many conversations of kink, as we construct positive change. What do you want your community to be? Come and use your already powerful voice to create what you need, and build up other women in the process. We are asking that all those who attend are female identified.

The Women's Caucus is open to all female identified individuals whether cisgender or transgender.

  Wasatch 3 Sir Luke and His victor Overcoming Mental Illness in an M/s Dynamic
    Mental illness is the secret we hide in the closet, the hush-hush of the community. We are told, "Don't put your dick in crazy," as if being 'crazy' is a "bad thing." Our brothers, sisters, and siblings are isolated when diagnosed and shunned as unsafe.

As a 24/7, TPE, Master/slave couple, Sir Luke and His slave, victor, will discuss how they handled the transition from neurotypical to living with a mental illness as well as how they live with it now, every day. They will cover the darker parts of mental illness, the struggles of recovery, and the toolbox they use to maintain a healthy dynamic even in the wake of mental illness. Participate in this peer-to-peer discussion to learn new tools for you.

  Cascade 3 Sir Valentino Singletails!
    Who's afraid of single tails? Well mostly bottoms. But why? Come join me for Single Tails: The Toy Even Your Grandma Can Do a Whole Scene With. I'll be discussing some common misconceptions about single tails and their severity. There will be demo whips for you to play with. I'll demonstrate how to do an entire scene armed with nothing but a single tail and a couple really cool tricks. From warm-up to Cool down. Ever wanted to know how to do impact play with a single tail? WHat about sensation play? Come find out. Everyone's welcome to bring their own if they have them. We'll have fun and de-mystify these crazy whip thingies all the kids are talking about. Even if you have no experience I guarantee by the end of this class you'll be able to run a scene with almost any single tail you pick up.

  Majestic Ravnos & Pagan Angel Kink is like Chocolate
    How many different varieties of Chocolate are there? The answer is a lot. Ranging from milk chocolate to pure cocoa even though you may only be 56% dark chocolate and somebody might be 98% dark chocolate we are still just chocolate. Kink shaming happens often, to people you never expect it to happen to. It isn’t always obvious either. It permeates our community from the inside and becomes normalized after a while. This class is a safe place to discuss our experiences. Ravnos and Pagan will be discussing theirs and how they have dealt with it. Yes, there will be chocolate. 

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Wasatch 2 Caucus POC  (People Of Color) Caucus
    Please join us for the second SLC POC & Allies Caucus. We will begin with an introduction, followed by experiences shared by local POC and general Q&A about POC. And we'll conclude with some valuable takeaways.

The term "person of color" from the 18th Century, was revived in the 1990s as the recommended term to use in some official contexts, especially in US English, to refer to a person who is not white. The term has become increasingly common in the US, but it still may not be familiar to all audiences; terms such as "nonwhite" may be used as an alternative. All People of Color & Allies are invited to attend.

  Wasatch 3 Mike Blacksmith Connective Rope - Asymmetrical Rope Again
    Asymmetrical rope draws a unique and beautiful aesthetic while having both the potential to be diabolically fast and purely functional and one of the most connective rope experiences ever. Come join us for a hands-on class and climb aboard a journey to create artistic, one-of-a-kind bindings that connect you and your partner. This is a class for every body type and every type of rigger/bottom from beginner to expert. We will focus on ground work and lead into partial suspension – lifting limbs etc.. The class will begin with a few fun exercises and then explore the world of non-traditional yet traditional rope. You will need 2+ lengths of 25’+ rope. Loaner supplies will be available but limited.

Experiences Level: Beginner to Advanced
Type of class: Instructional and Hands on workshop

  Cascade 3 Jazz The Town BI-cycle: How are We Complicit in Bi-Stigma and Bi-Erasure?
    “The town bicycle”. “Anything that moves”. “Bi girls are HOT!” “Not picky”. “Just horny”.

“Bi now, gay later”. “Bisexuals need not apply”. “Bi dudes brought STIs to the het community”. “Bisexual women introduced STIs to the women’s community”.

“Heterosexual privilege means you CAN’T be marginalized”. “Why don’t you just pick a side, already?”. “Make up your mind!” “Excuse for non-monogamy”. “Cheaters”.

All statements we’ve heard, not from the “enemy”, but from our family…our community. What do YOU think about bisexuality? Where do YOU stand? Join Jazz for an interactive discussion on the stigmas surrounding bisexuality, both historical and current. Be prepared to deliberate on bi-phobia, bi-privilege, bi-erasure, how gender identity can impact the social experience of a bisexual person, how monogamy or non-monogamy can figure into a bisexual identity, and the impact of sexual objectification and ostracization.

Bisexuals, homosexuals, heterosexuals, queers, pansexuals, asexuals, heteroflexibles, and those who are curious…ALL should apply. Where do WE stand?
  Majestic Loki & Paradox You don’t LOOK sick: What happens when suddenly the big letter in your relationship/dynamic is your health?
    Learning to live in a power imbalanced relationship with a chronic invisible illness is difficult and has its unique challenges.

Three months into Paradox’s diagnosis with scleroderma, Loki suffered a massive heart attack commonly known as the “widow maker” which has a 20% survival rate. Loki and Paradox will discuss the stigma of invisible illness and the impact of a major, life changing health events in their relationship, the struggles and triumphs and how it has strengthened their relationship and the changes to their dynamic.

Note: This is a discussion class, not a how to class to learn to play with disabilities.

3:30 pm - 5:00pm Wasatch 1 Puppy Trainer Competition Puppy Trainer Competition
    The Rocky Mountain Puppy & Trainer contest, its producers, titleholders, and staff lead as an example of what it is to be of service to the alternative lifestyle community.

The purpose of the contest is to identify those people that wish to take their service to the community to a higher standard. The reason for awarding titles is to give those members the clout necessary to go forth and educate not only the alternative lifestyle community but the community at large about what it is that we do, and to put forth an arm of goodwill to all people.

If you've never attended a Puppy Trainer competition. It's a don't miss!

  Wasatch 2 Nova Blood Threading
    Your flesh is my canvas, my brush, sharpened steel, threaded ribbon and bobbins are my paint. I dance my brush across and through the canvas, weaving colors in and out enhanced with crimson until I turn pain into beauty, my art complete. Blood threading is bringing needles, suturing/threading into the dungeon with the intention of leaving your canvas better than you found it. We’ll be discussing pain, for the art of it. I started doing needles because when I came into the BDSM community there wasn’t someone who could do exactly what I needed, and I needed art. I do what I do not only because I find it HAWT! But because I want my bottoms to feel as beautiful as the gift they give me, and that's their blood and pain.

  Wasatch 3 Mistress Cyan Fundamentals of Impact Play
    Fundamentals of Impact Play – There’s a lot more to it than just hitting people with things! In this class, Mistress Cyan will discuss and demonstrate the fundamentals of Impact Play. Attendees will learn various techniques in the use of  floggers, paddles, canes and whips. This class is great for those who are just learning, but experienced and  seasoned players will leave the class knowing more than they did when they came in.

  Cascade 3 Jen Breaking Barriers
    Join sexual health educator and professional advocate, Jen Laws, in discussing the historical culture and personal decision making regarding HIV, condoms and other barriers, and STI stigma. This presentation is designed as a dynamic conversation between the presenter and the audience to empower attendees in making clinically informed decisions on their sexual health and being personally aware of their own needs to connect, physically, during sex. Participants can anticipate opportunities to discuss their fears, joys, history, and hopes in what makes sex connective and fun. Be prepared to bare all...or not.

  Majestic Sir Valentino Conflict Resolution for Power Exchange Relationships
    When we all entered the lifestyle we had an idea of what role we wanted or thought we wanted to be in the lifestyle. Whether we Dominant, submissive, Poly or not, we all found something. But eventually, one thing happens to us all …. and that’s conflict. We don’t mean a drop down, drag out, MMA-style situation. We mean when you come to a situation where there is a difference of opinion or seeing something differently than your partner. In these situations, you may not only be on a different page, you may be in an entirely different book. What do you do? How do you deal with something that could very well end the relationship if you don’t handle it properly? This class will give you some ways to recognize the conflicts life can throw at us, how to set up a positive way to deal with those conflicts and how to come up with your own conflict resolution strategy.

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
9:00 am - 10:30 am   Wasatch 3 Ty the Gentleman Advanced Flogging and Flourishes
    Oh no! Not another flogging class. Yes, but with a twist. In addition to the basic 4 beat florentine, this workshop will explore finding your rhythm, nuances in transitions, and fighting fatigue. Bring your floggers and creativity. This workshop will contain lecture, demo and practice time. 

  Cascade 3 Leftenant Fox Howl: Moving beyond the basics of Pet Play
    Pet Play is much more than playing on the floor, wearing a collar, or using a bowl. This class focuses on deepening one’s understanding of the pet AND handler expression.  This class discusses mindfulness techniques, relationship dynamics, and revolves around exploring the spirit of pet community and kink. In this class experiences and knowledge will be shared. Please come ready to participate in guided meditations and in discussion. 

  Majestic Moxie Minion Femme Bootblacking - Another Kind of Bootblack
    Bootblacking is Bootblacking is Bootblacking right? Nope, not at all. Welcome to the world of Femme Bootblacking. A world full of finesse, attire, and panache.  It is about attitude and intent.  Come join Moxie and explore all things femme.  And I promise it is a lot more than makeup.

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Wasatch 3 Papa Bear A Bear in a china shop
    Does kicking, punching, and wrestling turn you on? Of course it does! It’s hot, it’s sexy, and it’s fun. Take some time and learn how to use your own body as the ultimate tool for a scene. ty

  Cascade 3 Lady Syre Rose Partners in Pain Double Trouble
    This will truly be sensational in every sense of the word. In this 301 class you will learn different techniques on how to make your co topping ball busting scene enjoyable for all. There will be a short introduction on safety but then we'll go right into the demonstration. This class is meant to inspire, tantalize and tease. 

Majestic Jen & Jazz Shame, Stain, and Slur: Navigating the Challenges of the Taboo
    Taboo play is intended to be challenging to programmed social mores on an intimate and individual level, lending it an arousal factor unlike anything else. Playing in the blood and mud of our hungers while flirting with potentially traumatic wrongness can make us question our innate humanity; after all, “who the fuck gets off on being THAT kind of pervert?!” Join Jazz and Jen in a conversation among pervy peers about that which brings us to the pinnacle of our darkest sexual desires, those fantasies which lay us bare, and how to avoid self destruction in the process of navigating social stigma and personal judgement.