The Rebellion Run

Meet on the South side of the conference space Saturday at 9:00 am  please ensure your bikes are gassed up and ready to go.

  • Be gassed up and ready to go at 9:00 am, or you will get left behind.   There is a gas station to the east of the hotel and to the west of the hotel.
  • Bring Water (Water will be available at designated stops, but please consider bringing your own, it may be very hot)
  • Follow the Road Captains Instructions
  • Obey all traffic laws

The Trip:

The 2017 trip will be East Canyon Damn via Big Mountain Pass.

Immediately following the ride, we will have bike games in the parking lot of the hotel at 1:00 pm.
They will include:

Weiner Bite
The rider starts from a stopped position. On the command to go the rider lifts both feet and begins
forward. The rider attempts to keep the bike slow and steady, without putting a foot
down(disqualification), as the passenger attempts to take a bite out of the hot dog that is suspended
above the course (the passenger may stand up, but cannot use hands). The biggest bite wins.

Slow Race
The rider attempts to go as slow as possible without leaving their designated lane (moving outside the
lane is a disqualification) or touching a foot to the ground (touching a foot is a disqualification). Riders
will be timed. The slowest time wins.

Plank Ride
A 2X6 plank is laid out and spliced together to form a 30 Ft. length. The rider can have a slow running
start but drives up onto the plank and attempts to stay on the plank for as long as possible at slow
speed. The rider who stays on the longest wins. Should more than one rider complete the entire length,
there will be a “Sudden death” ride off between the riders (they will repeat the plank a second time). If
more than one rider again completes the total length all riders completing will win in a tie.

Utah Laws of note
Helmets are not required to operate a Motorcycle in the state of Utah.
Lane Splitting is not allowed in Utah.