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12:00 pm - 1:30 pm    Wasatch 2 Mr. Dark Humiliation & Degradation: A Love Story

Learn about the dynamics of humiliation and degradation and what they mean to each other and to the Top and bottom engaging in such play.
                      Wasatch 3 GoddessMW Urine Luck: Water Sports/Golden Showers/Piss Play
    Water Sports/Golden Showers/Piss Play can be more than primal or punitive. GoddessMW will share techniques on how to create safe and fun water sports scenes that will satiate both sides of the slash!
  Cascade 3 Autumn Not Yet
    This class has everything you ever wanted to know about edging, orgasm denial, orgasm control, and forced orgasms. The how, the why, the training, and the uses. It also shows how it can fit into various dynamics and the long term effects that it can have. So, if denial is up your alley, come and learn all about the various ways you can tell someone no! ^_~

  Majestic Caressa L. Dunn Flagging: Past Present and Future
    In this class we will cover the Who What Where When and Why of the practice known as flagging. We will cover the history, current practices and ideas for the future.
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Wasatch 2 Valentino Harrison Singletails! - The Toy Even Your Grandma Can Do a Whole Scene With!
    Who's afraid of single tails? Well mostly bottoms. But why? Let's discuss some common misconceptions about single tails and their severity.

There will be demo whips for you to play with. But don't forget to bring your own. This is the perfect time to show it off. I'll demonstrate how to do an entire scene armed with nothing but a single tail and a couple really cool tricks. From warm-up to Cool down. Ever wanted to know how to do impact play with a single tail? WHat about sensation play? Come find out.

We'll have fun and de-mystify these crazy whip thingies all the kids are talking about. Even if you have no experience I guarantee by the end of this class you'll be able to run a scene with almost any single tail you pick up.

  Wasatch 3 Benjamin Retel Rope Bondage Practice: The Learning Process
    Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good, it's the thing you do that makes you good. It's time to ditch the books and Youtube videos and learn the best way there is. Rope Bondage Practice will be a structured group walk-through of the foundations of rope bondage to more complex ties that are perfect for self practice. Then finally a detailed practice of the classic takate-kote or box tie, a tie dating back to the beginning of kinbaku. It is preferred to have a partner for this class though not required. Extra bottoms and tops may be in attendance but not guaranteed. Recommended rope will be 4- 30 foot lengths of your preferred rope depending on the size of your bottom. If you don't own rope yet some rope will be available for use while supplies last.  
  Cascade 3 Nova Talk Dirty to Me
   Talk Dirty to Me is everything to do with getting you in the mood. We’re going over sexting, phone sex, and face to face Sexy HAWT FILTH! This is more than words, we’re going over how to talk too. This class is geared towards getting you out of your over thinking mind and putting that mind in the gutter! Don’t worry we won’t get to serious here, we’ll be silly and have some fun practice in class too. Talking dirty is a fun way for everyone in any relationship to spice things up, so make sure you *cum* to this class ;)
  Majestic Levi Service IS NOT Submission
    There is nothing quite as fantastic as having someone at the end of the night, kneeling at my exhausted feet, unlacing my boots, and taking them off of me. Well maybe some bomb head right before a good fuck, but I digress. In today’s era Our community is bigger and more organized than it has ever been. This means that we have more groups and organizations, and we have bigger events creating a whole fuck-ton of opportunities to serve. It also means we very rarely remember to serve one another as we run like chickens without our heads. Ok, maybe not everyone is giving back to the community enough to feel that crazy, but many people are! In this class Otter will break down the aspects of service and the importance that we all live with a servant’s heart. Yes that even means you Uber Masc Dom Sir Top. We all owe ourselves the joy of giving as much as we owe ourselves the pleasure of receiving. So come to this class prepared for a flip-fuck of the mind, cuz Otter’s ready to encourage everyone to give it as well as you can take it.
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Wasatch 2 Master Obsidian & slave namaste Practical Protocols and Ritual 
    Master Obsidian and slave namaste will lead a discussion about protocol and ritual in the scene and how they can be used to center and ground both Master and slave. What exactly are protocols? How are they used? What do you need to do to create and establish your own protocols and rituals? We will discuss the vanishing art of protocol and explore the many ways in which protocols and rituals can be used to strengthen and elevate the bond between Master and slave.
  Wasatch 3 Autumn Catharsis Play
    Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to deal with the pain. This class focuses on how to communicate, negotiate, process, analyze, and move forward with different types of issues that you may want to handle through play
  Cascade 3 Caucus Queer Caucus
    Marginalized voices have sat in the corners of our community for a long time. This panel of queer identified people will strive to cover the numerous identities and narratives that exists in the queer community. They will be adding their voices from the perspectives of people that identify as women and men, transgender and cisgender, people of color, gay, bisexual, and many other identities. The discussion will center around how the leather community can make more space for queerness. Some topics will include issues that people have seen previously, where improvements can be made, and how people can be better allies. The panelists will also spend time unpacking what being queer looks like for each of them to highlight that there is no one way queer manifests.

All Queerfolk & Allies are invited to attend
  Majestic slave Jazz Magical Tops, Fighter Pilot Bottoms: Sub-space, Stage Magic, Slight of Mind and the OODA Loop
    Class is available to self-identified tops and switches only.

Stage magic, at root, is a shared experience between the magician and the audience, in which the audience allows itself to be a willing participant in a suspension of disbelief. The moment this occurs, referred to as “the magic spot” by psychologist Ben Parris, is not achieved through unethical deception or dishonesty, but rather through the audience’s eager cooperation with the magician’s efforts to create a perception or illusion where the audience can immerse itself for a short time. A stage magician will rely upon purely physical techniques, such as slight-of-hand, as well as the psychological techniques of slight-of-mind, personal charisma and optic mechanics to allow their audience to more easily suspend disbelief.

Likewise, a top can utilize many techniques similar to those of a stage magician not to deceive, but rather to develop a better shared experience for a bottom. This class will teach several techniques of combat and martial arts mindset, stage magic and NLP to allow a top to ethically strengthen a bottom’s connection to and with a scene. We will also explore how these techniques and concepts can be used within authority transferred relationships to assist in the abrogation of self and spiritual connection to service.

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
8:45 am - 10:15 am Wasatch 2 Mr. Dark Up a Creek With a Paddle: Picking the Right Paddle for the Job 
    Giving someone a good paddling can be fun but how do you know which paddle to use for the job? This class will show you how to pick the right paddle and the reasons why. Grip, weight, shape... it all matters. Come find out why!

Wasatch 3 Mina Hart Siblings in Subversion - The Legacy of Leatherwomen
    The role of women is often underplayed in history and Leather is no exception. Come learn about all of the brave women who helped make our community what it is today. While we can't fit all of the amazing trailblazers into a single class, we are coming hard and fast to share the herstories of the courageous women you may not have heard of. Immerse yourself in the stories of these amazing members of our Leather spectrum; each bold, riotous, passionate and compassionate action helped create the community we have today. Join us as we sing to the often unsung heroes who walked before us and with us now.

Cascade 3 Q Wilson Fisting 101
    Fisting is an incredible and intense way to play and connect. But how do you go from one finger to a whole hand inside someone’s body? In this class I’ll share my four basic rules for getting started fisting, demonstrate techniques, and talk about some of the myths around fisting. Come with an open mind and your questions.

Majestic GoddessMW Nature vs. Nurture: Growing Up Within the Lifestyle
    GoddessMW will share her experience as a product of a D/s dynamic. Is her Dominance innate, nurtured or a combination of the two? How do we self-identify/determine Dominance and/or submission?

10:45 am - 12:15 pm Wasatch 2 Caucus Women's Caucus
    The Women’s Caucus facilitates civil discussion and exploration of issues critical to women in our kink communities. We will introduce different ideas of "women’s experience" into the many conversations of kink, as we construct positive change. What do you want your community to be? Come and use your already powerful voice to create what you need, and build up other women in the process. We are asking that all those who attend are female identified.

The Women's Caucus is open to all female identified individuals whether cisgender or transgender.
  Wasatch 3 Silver Gryphon In, Out, and Up
    Aside from electrical play, what we do in the dungeon has been practiced in one form or another for thousands of years in most cultures, as a way to connect with gods and spirits.  Modern neuroscience has exposed some of the mechanisms of how physical stress creates transcendent experience and what the requirements for that experience are. So, it is the built-in mechanisms of the human brain that are the foundation for "the magic" of BDSM. We borrow our practices from the religions that have gone before, but religions don't create spiritual experiences, they define, control and explain those experiences for their practitioners. How body stress is applied determines whether the experience is inward and self-reflective, outward and connective, or upward and spiritually ecstatic.

  Cascade 3 Mike Blacksmith Putting a little angle in your dangle: Asymmetrical rope
    Asymmetrical rope draws a unique and beautiful aesthetic while having both the potential to be diabolically fast and purely functional. Come join us for a hands-on class and climb aboard a journey to create artistic, one-of-a-kind bindings. This is a class for every body type and every type of rigger/bottom from beginner to expert. We will focus on ground work and lead into partial suspension – lifting limbs etc.. The class will begin with a few fun exercises and then explore the world of non-traditional yet traditional rope. You will need 2+ lengths of 25’+ rope. Loaner supplies will be available but limited.
Experiences Level: Beginner to Advanced
Type of class: Instructional and Hands on workshop

  Majestic Cupcake Harrison Honest Polyamory for the s-type
    Everyone has who claims to be poly has a story about how poly didn't work out. They often say "I don't know, it just didn't work". But why? Why Do some poly relationships work and others do not? Why are s-types having a hard time with poly? And Why is there always a huge fight that ensues when someone is leaving a poly situation. Let's discuss different types of poly, pros and cons and being honest with oneself about how being poly truly works (or doesn't) for them.

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Wasatch 2 Caucus POC  (People Of Color) Caucus
    Please join us for the second SLC POC & Allies Caucus. We will begin with an introduction, followed by experiences shared by local POC and general Q&A about POC. And we'll conclude with some valuable takeaways.

The term "person of color" from the 18th Century, was revived in the 1990s as the recommended term to use in some official contexts, especially in US English, to refer to a person who is not white. The term has become increasingly common in the US, but it still may not be familiar to all audiences; terms such as "nonwhite" may be used as an alternative. All People of Color & Allies are invited to attend.

  Wasatch 3 Indigo Black and Orpheus Zen and the Erotic Art of BDSM
    Zen and the Erotic Art of BDSM is a class that applies Zen principles, practices and philosophies to not only the hegemonic aspects of our lifestyle but also offers us a deep and meaningful insight into surrender, submission and more... In this class we will discuss:

  • Viewing submission as a way of life and not a series of random acts of obedience.
  • Using Zen principles as a way of viewing our sexuality as an expression of our authentic self.
  • How mindfulness training can become instrumental in implementing protocols and rituals.
  • How instituting Buddhist principles and breathing practices can assist with processing pain.
But most of all, this class is about fostering deeper and more meaningful connections between ourselves and our partner. So bring an open mind and a full heart

  Cascade 3 Mistress Cyan Basic Flogging Fundamentals
    Understanding the fundamentals of basic flogging is the key to building a solid foundation on which the Dominant can build upon. The art of flogging is much more than just picking up a whip and hitting someone with it. In this class, Mistress Cyan will share her knowledge and expertise regarding different types of floggers and how to use them in a variety of ways to enhance your flogging scenes. She will also demonstrate the techniques that are essential to learn in order to become proficient at more advanced stages. The class will also include individual “Hands On” instruction if time permits.

  Majestic Levi Otterly Everything About Leather Care Presented by a Boot-whore
    In this class Otter will be discussing many aspects of leather from the type of leathers you can find to everything you will need to know to care for them. He has over 20 years of experience caring for leather. The class will also cover being a boot-black for those that love service, the fetishes involved in boot-worship and leather gear, Otter’s history of how he came to love shining boots, and many products for people to see and ask questions about. Don’t worry, it’s not hands on so your manicure won’t get wrecked.

3:30 pm - 5:00pm Wasatch 1 Puppy Trainer Competition Puppy Trainer Competition
    The Rocky Mountain Puppy & Trainer contest, its producers, titleholders, and staff lead as an example of what it is to be of service to the alternative lifestyle community.

The purpose of the contest is to identify those people that wish to take their service to the community to a higher standard. The reason for awarding titles is to give those members the clout necessary to go forth and educate not only the alternative lifestyle community but the community at large about what it is that we do, and to put forth an arm of goodwill to all people.

If you've never attended a Puppy Trainer competition. It's a don't miss!

  Wasatch 2 Indigo Black and Orpheus Blade Play
    Unlike the other classes I have taught, this Blade Play class will highlight different types of bladed instruments such as knives, swords, hatchets, axes, etc… for those that already have knife play experience. We will also cover:
  • Different types of knives, their specific use, and how to use them: In this portion we examine different types of knives, their properties, and how they should be applied.
  • Choosing what blade is best for you and your sub: We will examine the relationship between the unholy trilogy (the Dom, the blade, and the sub) and how each fits into a scene. Also, we will show other items that can be used in place of knives that will give you the same effect (pervertables).
  • Blade technique and control: This portion covers finding a knife’s dynamic focal or balance point, points on the body that cause the best sensation, different styles of blade play, and explaining the differences between cutting and blood letting. This portion will also provide different tips and tricks to improve control over your blade and your sub during a knife scene.
Demo: We will do a number of blade play scenes in order to demonstrate these techniques first hand.

  Wasatch 3 Silver Gryhpon Integrity
    Integrity is often cited as a core value of the leather community and is one of the values often associated with groups that value discipline and right action. Integrity is closely allied with another common expression heard often around the leather community, “I have your back”. The usual definition of integrity, ”alignment of thought, word, and deed”, is only a symptom of integrity, neither what integrity is, nor a useful tool for getting there.  This talk explores what integrity actually is, what difficulties interfere with having and expressing integrity, and the challenge each of us must face and overcome to truly live in integrity.

  Cascade 3 Master Obsidian & slave namaste Hear my Face and see His words
    A Communications Primer for M/s relationships Masters and slaves aren't from different planets but we often speak different languages - and it is this language barrier that can create confusion and frustration on both parts. In this class we uncover communication barriers, identify ways to move past them and discover what your Master or slave is REALLY trying to say. Using practical, life situations and humor Master Obsidian and slave namaste will finally illuminate the deep truth behind  “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

  Majestic Q Wilson Some Assembly Required
    Fucking with a cock can be hard. It can be even harder when you’re trying to do it with a cock that’s not factory installed. Wouldn't it be great to have some help figuring out how?! Which cock should I choose? What are my style and material choices when it comes to harnesses? Which positions might work best? There will be in class demos so bring your questions!

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
9:00 am - 10:30 am   Wasatch 3 Mina Hart Let's Get Physical
    For many of us, our passion for bondage began with passion in the bedroom. It always seems, however, that just when you get your partner just where you want them, you realize you want them somewhere else. This once erotic form, for many, has become a tedium that we sometimes avoid. In this class, we talk about tips, trick and positions designed to put the passion back into your bondage.

  Cascade 3 Nova Blood Threading
    Blood threading is bringing needles and sutures into the dungeon with the intention of leaving your canvas better than you found it. We’ll be discussing pain, for the art of it. I started doing needles because when I came into the BDSM community there wasn’t someone who could do exactly what I needed, and I needed art. I do what I do not only because I find it HAWT! But because I want my bottoms to feel as beautiful as the gift they give me, and that’s their pain.

  Majestic Cupcake Harrison The Sensual Art of Slave Dance
    Who hasn’t gotten all hot and bothered reading the books of Gor? Have you ever wanted to be able to turn on your Master or Mistress by one undulation of your hips or by one shimmy of your bosom, then this class is for you. Slave dances are the highest form of displaying submission in the bdsm community.

How sexy would it be to be able to move your body erotically to the beat of your Master or Mistress’ floggers or whips?  This class will teach you how to raise the eroticism and sensuality of your bdsm play to a whole new level through dance. Demonstrations will be given throughout this class. Bring a fan, because it gets hot in here. 

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Wasatch 3 slave Jazz Get Off Your Ass and DO Something!
    Everyone has a complaint about his or her local community. For many of us, that complaint is that there isn’t enough community in the first place;  for others, the gripe is that there isn’t the right kind of community; this session is dedicated to inspiring us to stop whining and start making the changes we want to see ourselves. Join slave Jazz in a discussion about how to make the move from armchair complainer to passionate leader within your own community, whether that means organizing a community outing, starting a new club or group, opening a local playspace, or producing a kink or leather event.

  Cascade 3 Caressa L. Dunn Age Playing with Puppies
    Littles, Puppies and Bigs OH MY!
We are going to discuss the ways in which age players of all kinds interact in pup/Handler dynamics. How can littles be Handlers? How can little pups turn the tables? How cam Big/little dynamics be present in pup/Handler dynamics? in this interactive class we will cover a variety of ways that Age play and Puppy play can come together.

Majestic Mistress Cyan Understanding Submission
    This workshop is designed to help both submissives and Dominants understand “submission”. Some of the topics that will be discussed include Self Identification, Understanding the difference between “Wants and Needs”, Defining Your Relationship, Negotiating Relationship Dynamics, and The Importance of Communication. The class concludes with a Q&A period and open discussion