Class Schedule 2017

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Special Early Bird Class w/ The Path of SLC - $5 at the Door (not included with your registration)
7:00pm @ Hotel RL
Presenter:  Mr. Dark
Class:  You're a What?: The Fun of Objectification
You're out at a party and suddenly you have no foot rest... isn't that what your submissive is for? A fun class about objectification and how it works. 

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
10:30 am - 12:00 pm    Wasatch 2 Autumn What? What? In the Butt

t’s dirty. It’s raunchy. It’s fun. We all love the booty, but how much do we really know about it? We’ll be talking about everything you do, and don’t, want to know about anal sex. This class will cover stretching, lubricants, cleaning, adapting, training, toys, medical information, enemas, and so much more. You’ll walk away from this class knowing more about the booty than you ever thought possible. You’ll even get to see an adorable plushie that goes along with it!
                                    Wasatch 3 Mr. Dark Flogging for Fun and More!
    Flogging is a great form of impact play but where else can you flog besides the backside? Find that out and more in this class! Learn proper flogging techniques as well as care for your floggers and other ways to use the flogger. It's not just a handle and tails!
  Avenues 1 Raven Darknights Chivalry
    Ever wanted to have a soul orgasm? Discover the intricacies of the chivalric lifestyle and explore gallantry in service to your liege. Balance the seeming dichotomy of service and topping to explore power exchange and trust. Unleash your inner nobility as you connect with the sacred.
  Avenues 2 Slave Adeena You want me to do what? A look at how to build individual service
    Want to build upon your service? How do You demand and receive personal service? This interactive presentation will build upon your strengths and likes to create a personal service. It is something that can continue through your personal life to the dungeon.
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Wasatch 2 Qtip Heart of a Service Boi
   Evolving class around what I see as important in service from my perspective.
  Wasatch 3 Nova Artistic Cutting & The Bloody Nature Thereof 
    Cutting is more than just the rush of endorphin's and intense sensation. Cutting leaves the physical evidence on our living canvas, the proof the morning after our intense scene showing that it was real. Please join Nova for the creative process of finding and discovering the art, putting the art to canvas and leaving our mark. This class is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression while having a bloody good time.
  Avenues 1 Switch Jake Electrical Play
    Electrical Play - Actively playing with something your parents told you not to. Includes toys and safety this class is for those of us who stuck our fingers into electrical outlets and liked it. Come learn about the various types of devices used for this exciting type of play. 

  Avenues 2 Stela Furtado Cathartic Impact
    Release and expression through BDSM impact play (spanking, paddles, flogging, and canes.) Class participation.
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Wasatch 2 Travis Struggle Play - Explore the exciting world of Fear, Force and Physical Domination.
 *Taught with Cobi who is also attending
    During the first portion of the workshop, the presenters will discuss the different types of Struggle Play including planned abductions, consensual non-consent, triggering the fight or flight response, forced orgasms and more. They will cover different negotiation points for each type of scene, tips and tricks, safety concerns, how to know when you’ve hit a landmine and more.

During the second portion of the workshop, they will put these ideas into practice and you will get to watch!
  Wasatch 3 Levi Just the Basics (Rope Bondage)
    Covering the basics in rope bondage is particularly important.  This class not only tells you where to start, but we dive in and get our hands on each other.  Rope is not just a tool or a kink, but it is a mindset that is only confined by your imagination and willingness to explore.  You will leave this class with a few basic ties and insight into how to think rope not just tie it.  Bring your own rope, 6-8 lengths of rope.  Otter suggests 25-35 foot lengths of any of your bondage rope you like.  Also bring someone to tie on because this isn’t just a lecture.  It’s a hands-on lab setting!
  Avenues 1 Master Patricia 50 Shades of Seduction
Long before the first kiss the seduction dance started.  Master Patricia reveal the secrets of seduction and the art of invoking the erotic urges that hold so much sway over our desires.  This will be a look at the seductress in all of us and how we have our own special spell of allure that we spin on our intended.  She will spill many key secrets of seduction and share stories that will be erotic and fun.  Most important take away something intriguing to catch that special person in your life.
  Avenues 2 Master Jefferson BDSM 101
    "Are you new to the lifestyle? Do terms like tens unit, violet wand, subspace, transgender, and others leave you wondering? There is no shame in being a beginner; even the most experienced among us started out as newbies! The intelligent admit what they don’t know and set out to learn it. Remember, bluffing not only does you a disservice, it is a danger to your play partners. Bottoms, don’t be mislead into thinking that only Tops need to know what they are doing. An ill-informed bottom is as unsafe as a flogger-wielding poser. Knowing the proper ways of doing your favorite kink is not only enjoyable but may actually become a life and death matter.

This seminar is not intended to teach advanced forms of BDSM, like fire play, needle play, suspension, or other types of edge play. It is the place to start your journey into the world of kink. A good foundation is always necessary for building risk-aware consensual kinky play. That’s what BDSM 101 is all about!"

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
8:45 am - 10:15 am Wasatch 2 Qtip Fisting 101
    Fisting is an incredible and intense way to play and connect. But how do you go from one finger to a whole hand inside someone’s body? In this class I’ll share my four basic rules for getting started fisting, demonstrate techniques, and talk about some of the myths around fisting. Come with with an open mind and your questions.
                                    Wasatch 3 Isaac Cross Fear and Loathing - Emotional Sadomasochism 
    "Fear and Loathing - Emotional Sadomasochism" Discusses the ways that different emotions can be used or manipulated during a BDSM scene. This class goes far beyond playing with the emotion of fear alone and goes on discuss more complex emotions like guilt, shame, love, lust, jealousy, insecurity, hatred, and a variety of others. This type of play is not for the casual players, as it delves into very dark places that require care and caution. This class is presented in the form of both discussion and demonstration. 

Avenues 1 Master Jefferson Scary / Dirty Talk
    They say that the largest sexual organ is the brain. Some of the most direct access to that organ is through the ears. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can be a mood, scene or even relationship killer. Conversely, saying the right thing at the right time in just the right way can turn a scene into the hottest, nastiest, most mind-blowing and memorable orgasmfest of your life. Well, the most mind-blowing and memorable one until the next one, that is.

Being a rope wizard or whipmaster is all well and good, but you don’t get there without learning and then practicing your craft. Being a silver-tongued devil or dagger-tongued tormentor is the same way. Practicing is the fun part, and finding someone who wants to let you practice on them is a lot easier than you might think. First, however, you need to learn the effective use of words, both in choice and delivery. This workshop is designed to do just that
  Avenues 2 Master Dennis & slave Bonnie What makes a Master a MASTER and a Slave a SLAVE?
    There are lots of flavors of M/s dynamics, and lots of different kinds of Masters and slaves. Some people have tendency to reject or deny a title or a calling. In this facilitated discussion, we will share our definitions of both sides of a dynamic. This class may assist some to understand what being a Master or a slave “is” and “is not” and help us embrace our callings.
10:45 am - 12:15 pm Wasatch 2 Travis Whips, Pleasure and Pain
    Everyone knows a whip when they hear one. Some people are terrified by them. Others get a little excited. This class is designed for both extremes and all in between. We will discuss and demonstrate technique, style, safety and above all connecting with your partner. It is intended to be more of a guided exchange of energy. A journey through the pleasure and pain that is so unique to the whip.

Participation will be welcomed and encouraged.  If you have never experienced the kiss of a whip, please speak up. If you own whips, bring them as we will be exploring the differences in styles.
  Wasatch 3 Master Patricia Needles, Rituals and Primal Energy
    This workshop is specifically about piercing scenes, setting intentions and working with primal energy in your scene. What things to cover in negations from physical concerns to connecting in a deeper way with each other. Elements of rituals and things to consider when creating a ritual will be discussed, including the use of blood. Basic needle piercing techniques and universal precautions along with ways to play with needles will be taught. Opportunities to experience ritual piercing and witnessing intentional placement of balls/bells or fetishes within ritual space will be part of this class. Come ready to learn and participate in the ritual.
  Avenues 1 SG Integrity
    Integrity is one of the values often associated with groups that value discipline and right action, including the leather community, but Integrity is one of the more difficult values to understand. Ever heard the voices of the angel or devil standing on your shoulder talking in your ear? One moment you are the best, the next moment you are a total failure. That experience is not "all one". The usual definition of integrity "alignment of thought, word, and deed" are the symptoms, not the essence. This talk explores what integrity actually is at its core and what interferes with living in integrity. And then to highlight integrity in action, compare compliance with commands against obedience to orders in authority exchange relationships where integrity is essential and elusive.
  Avenues 2 slave Jazz The Warrior/slave Paradigm
    The warrior has always been one who set aside self in service to a cause or person the warrior perceived as greater than him or herself. Raised the product of a radically feminist family, Jazz always knew she was a warrior; she never, however, expected to find herself a slave. After over a decade in the lifestyle and a begrudging surrender to the fact that slavery was a need she could not abandon, she still struggles with her own perceptions of herself at times.  Konraad, with his fondness for strong women, has previously encountered this internal struggle in others, and has done his own research in efforts to reconcile these archetypes. In this class, we bring together research, experience, heart and soul as we witness the merging of the warrior and the slave. We will explain the warrior archetype and demonstrate that a historical warrior is defined not so much by aggressive combative tendencies as by dedication, service and adherence to a code of conduct which emphasizes abrogation of self, discipline and restraint. In adhering to such a code, warriors have always achieved a transcendent state. Consensual and service-based slaves of the modern world also set aside their own lives in service to another, following a model which is strikingly similar to historical warriors. Skills sets may differ, but the soul and purpose of the warrior is indeed that of the slave.
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Wasatch 2 Autumn Humiliation and Degradation 
    Fear. Shame. Humiliation. These are things we avoid. They make us uncomfortable. We actively try to push them to the side. What if we didn’t avoid them? What if we embraced them instead? This class will teach you how to explore, negotiate, play with, and embrace the things we try to hide from. So, come, hear about the basics, learn what you can, and then watch as those same principles are brought to life in a fun and completely humiliating demonstration. ^_^
  Wasatch 3 Master Dennis & slave Bonnie Interrogations Used for Fun
    "The light that fades into view is gaining in intensity equal to the blinding sun. The endless infuriating soft spoken voice repeats the same litany of questions and promises. You fight the binds and scream a wordless, silent, non human whisper. Interrogation does not always employ nor need the loud yelling screams of the maniacal, rubber hosed wielding, faceless antagonist, though they have their place. Sometimes it is the soft spoken whisper that causes more doubt, more inner turmoil. This workshop will explore the means and uses of interrogation to reach certain thresholds to allow the opportunity for exploration of personal growth. It will be presented as a form of a 'rite of passage'."
  Avenues 1 Rocko Pup Intro to Puppy Play
    You see them everywhere these days; the adorable pups of our community.  In this presentation we will discuss how to get started in puppy play as a pup or a trainer.  We will cover things such as what it takes to be a pup, as well the safety and care needed to have a great time.  We will also cover just what it means to be a puppy beyond the play space.

  Avenues 2 Raven Darknights Hot, Slick, and Smooth - Straight Razor Shave
    Does the idea of razor sharp steel on vulnerable skin get your juices flowing? Be a voyeur as someone gets all lathered up and Raven's razor dances with flesh.
3:30 pm - 5:00pm Wasatch 1 Puppy Trainer - Competition
  Wasatch 2 Isaac Cross The Subtle Art of Predicaments
    "The Subtle Art of Predicaments" helps players understand and practice the art of crafting and executing predicaments, defined as placing the bottom in a situation where a choice between conflicting desires. Various techniques will be used to inspire your own creative process of designing and implementing this devious form of psychological play.
  Wasatch 3 Paradox The Artistry of Bootblacking
    This Bootblacking 101 class will cover the history and everything you need to know about basic leather care for different types of leather. It is for anyone who would like to learn how to care for boots, leather, basic care for oil tan boots and how to give a basic shine. A wide variety of leather care products and how to find them will also be covered.

Anyone who owns leather should know how to take care of it. It’s easy to do, can be done for fun, and can easily turn into a scene.
This is a class for both sides of the slash.
  Avenues 1 Utah People of Color Caucus (POC) & Allies
    Please join us for the first ever Utah POC & Allies Caucus. We will begin with an introduction, followed by experiences shared by local POC and general Q&A about POC. And we'll conclude with some valuable takeaways.

The term "person of color" from the 18th Century, was revived in the 1990s as the recommended term to use in some official contexts, especially in US English, to refer to a person who is not white. The term has become increasingly common in the US, but it still may not be familiar to all audiences; terms such as "nonwhite" may be used as an alternative.
  Avenues 2 Moleste Restrained Desire: Chastity & Orgasm Control
    What if I told you that with one small sound—a CLICK—that you could compel someone to cater to your every desire and whim? That through the power of denying that which they ache for so badly only heightens their desire and focuses it upon you? To tap into their very submissive core and use their own primal hunger against them provides you with an even tighter and deeper level of control? This is the power of chastity and orgasm denial.

We will cover the psychology of chastity and orgasm denial, how it affects our partners, and how you can use this to power positive behaviors and enhance eventual (?) release to new heights. The physiological elements, hygiene, and safety as well as the mental components, tease and denial, to keep your victim helplessly focused upon you.

Included is an overview of the types of devices available and their pros and cons, in detail. There will also be several devices to fondle and examine so that you walk away fully prepared for this next exciting chapter of D/s and power exchange!

Freedom is only a CLICK away.

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
9:00 am - 10:30 am   Wasatch 3 Levi What Do You Mean Rope Hurts?
    Rope is not just bondage.  Otter loves rope, but he also loves the beauty of pain and punishment.  Being an equal opportunity sadist and masochist has shown many avenues through rope being a tool of pain.  This class is an intermediate class exploring how to make rope a tool of torture and not just a means to get someone bound up or off the ground.  There will be techniques using suspension, partial suspension, and floor work that combine both Eastern and Western skills.  Some knowledge of rope bondage is suggested to attend this class.
  Avenues 1 slave Jazz “Poking fun” Redefined: Poking, Pinching, Seizing and Grasping in SM Play
    The stroke of death is as a lover’s pinch, / Which hurts and is desired.
(William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra¸ V.ii.295-296)

WARNING: Tops, this is likely to be your bottoms’ least favorite class.

Pinching, grasping, pulling, poking, and twisting as SM techniques, extend far beyond the old standby of nipple pinching and, despite humble appearances, such techniques are often “harder” than some of the most extreme tools and toys. Techniques gleaned from martial arts, trigger point therapy and massage therapy yield a large range of effects.

This class will provide working knowledge regarding mindset, anatomy in target selection, and safety. Participants will learn several specialized and little-known grips used in martial arts for seizing, pinching and pulling and which allow a stronger and more versatile grip, as well as basic anatomy and pressure point usage.

This workshop will include a significant demo component.
  Avenues 2 Sir Justin Puppy 201:  Lessons in Obedience. 
    This hands-on workshop is in three distinct sections.  We begin with an overview of Power Exchange relationships within the pet play community.  From there, we encourage pets and handlers to come to the mats to experience some principles in training.  We finish the class with questions about training.
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Wasatch 3 Mr. Dark Stripping the Senses: Fun with Sensory Deprivation!
   Learn about all things sensory deprivation and how the mind plays along in a "senseless" scene. Learn how to strip every sense away leaving your bottom to wonder what will happen next.
  Avenues 1 SG Authority Exchange and the Big Life
    There are four kinds of lives: a life of custom, a life of creating, a life of hedonism, and a life of ministration and benefaction. Each person is drawn to these in some combination. Leather community and authority exchange often emphasizes the last of these, and in that, creates the potential for a life bigger than the individual. This class explores how authority exchange creates a big life and how that kind of life is directed and experienced.

Avenues 2 slave adeena How do they do that? - an Interactive Look at slave Positions and Protocol
    This is an interactive presentation that will help you to build your confidence in Domination or submission on many levels.  Positions both mentally and physically create an atmosphere to demonstrate you.  This presentation will build upon your knowledge and experience on how positions will further your journey.