Class Schedule 2016

Schedule is Subject to Change

Special Early Bird Class w/ The Path of SLC
7:00pm @ Hotel RL
Presenter:  Shahrazad
Class: Permission to Feel Satisfied, Sir?
Our D/s and M/s relationships offer us a smorgasbord of gifts in the form of learning, connection, intimacy, and pleasure, but what happens when we have a hard time taking in the growth and nourishment that they provide? Many of us have internalized shame and guilt about our desire for power exchange, leading us to believe that we do not deserve to experience joy or happiness from living the way we do. If you have been feeling like your personal satisfaction in D/s or M/s is always just beyond your reach, or can’t seem to get off the treadmill of “not good enough” and “not perfect yet”, this workshop will teach you how to stop, relax, and drink deeply from the well of what you have already created.

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
10:30 am - 12:00 pm    Wasatch 2 John Gibson Dungeon Monitor Training - Open to all registered attendees
Be a responsible adult, be smart, be respectful of others, be respectful of the space, be respectful of play-specific dungeon rules, be polite, be discrete and be legal. Join Master Gibson for a two hour look into how to keep Rocky Mountain Rebellion and your own dungeon safe while providing your and our guests with unobtrusive service. Geared at redefining the roles of dungeon monitors as those that deem whether or not an individual’s scene is safe to how we can make sure that this space and those that serve it provides you with assistance and opportunity to live out your fantasies.
                                    Wasatch 3 Shahrazad The Wonderful World of Sexual Fetish
    The Wonderful World of Sexual Fetish: What is a fetish? Why and how do they enhance our sexual experiences? From feet to latex and everything in between, this workshop will delve deeply into the objects, words, roles and clothing that seem to incite and inflame our sexual desire as if by magic. Whether you seek to understand your own or others’ fetishes, you are sure to leave with greater self-acceptance as well as some surprising insights into this colourful facet of human sexuality. All genders welcome.
  Cascade 3 Ikon 101 Dungeon Sanitation: How to Properly Clean Dirty Things and People
    101 Dungeon Sanitation: How to Properly Clean Dirty Things and People: A no-nonsense, research-based, practical primer on how to clean/sanitize/sterilize, what those terms actually mean, and why it's not always sufficient (or a good idea) to just "wipe it down with alcohol/Cavicide." Come prepared to learn as Ikon tackles the myths and junk science that often inform dungeon cleanliness practices.
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Wasatch 2 Riley Thank you, Cum Again:  Orgasms Forced and Otherwise
    Thank-you Cum Again: Orgasms Forced and Otherwise  The orgasm may just be the most sought after sensation of the Human experience. Many will argue that it is not the end all be all where sex is concerned, but I think we can all agree while it may not be the scoop of ice cream in the sundae that is sex, it certainly is the cherry on top. This class will cover the physiology of an orgasm, techniques and games that will allow us to wring every drop we can out of the experience, how we can have fun building up to the climax itself, as well as try to answer the question of “Can you have too much of a good thing?”
  Wasatch 3 Hardy Haberman Interrogation and Abduction
    Interrogation and Abduction: Ever fantasized about being abducted, or held for interrogation by brutal guards? This workshop will explore the various fantasies as well as techniques for creating a successful interrogation and abduction scene. Stress positions, interrogation techniques, mild to wild torture that would never pass the Geneva Convention will all be included in this workshop well as the logistics and special considerations for an abduction. This workshop will include group participation and hands on skill demonstrations.
  Cascade 3 Mr. Dark Spanks a Lot
    Spanks a Lot!: A Guide to Spanking - Learn about spanking without killing your hand, the right places to spank your bottom, aftercare and more.
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Wasatch 3 Diana Creative Edge: Blood is Fucking Hot
    Blood is fucking hot - The taboo of playing with the essence of another's life force can be very passionate. What do we want in our bonds and scenes while understanding the health concerns and limits we play in. This class will hopefully be messy.
  Wasatch 2 Master Donna Electric & Needles
    Needles and Electric: For those looking to add an extra dimension to their needle play, or one to their electric play or those who are curious about either: Master Donna is passionate about needle play, and using it as a Primal, Spiritual, Ritualistic, Artistic, Sexual, or Sadomasochistic medium. She's engaged in more needle usage than she can readily remember. Honestly, the first time she combined needles and electric, it was with a passionate electric bottom, with whom she negotiated the inclusion of needles. The combined passion of her partner's electric love and her needle love, triggered the desire to combine the two mediums in future engagements. She's going to do her very best to stay out of Primal mode when she begins her demonstration, after the initial discussions of the relative anatomy, physiology, storytelling, skin types, static v/s non-static electricity, safety precautions, and intent, but can't guarantee to completely manage that. She has one bottom for the less bloody less pointy side of things, and would welcome a bottom for the class who would enjoy genital insertion of needles and a more intense engagement. If you'd like to volunteer to bottom in this class, please FetMail her at profile: Lady of Light
  Cascade 3 SG Master/slave Dynamics
    M/s dynamics: Authority exchange has many dimension: top/bottom, sadist/masochist, Dominant/submissive, Master/slave that can be combined in many different and unexpected ways in our relationships. Discussions of authority exchange and how it "should" be done are often filled with descriptions that are retreaded versions of gender roles from 1950's TV like Father Knows Best. Even when spirituality is mentioned, Master-slave relationships often mimi the Roman Catholic principle that we must get our spiritual guidance from our priest because only the clergy can speak with god. It is time for Luther's radical assertion that everyone can connect with their own sense of calling and purpose. In a scene, the tops responsibility is to deliver the strokes, the bottom decides to take the journey. Similarly, the Master supports the calling of the slave, but can not define it. This class begins with a set of definitions so that we can speak precisely about the subject. The presenter facilitates weekly classes on intimacy and violence in authority-exchange relationships, and will draw upon practices and insights from hundreds of participants over 12 years that support authentic authority exchange without coercion.
  Majestic Master Tallen & slave George Master Can We Please Keep Him (Adding a puppy to your dynamic)
    Ahhh the joy a puppy can bring to the lives of a family!  But, it’s not all joy is it?  While these phrases are true with vanilla families and bio-dogs, the same is true in our Leather/Kink community as well.  Adding a third or more to an already established dynamic brings a lot of new challenges and issues.  Puppies can require a lot of attention, thereby taking away from what others in the family are used to getting.  Join us as we explore some of the issues we have experienced in our 7 plus years of having a puppy, as well the joy and rewards we have received.

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
8:45 am - 10:15 am Cascade 3 Reggie Thump, Thump, Thump... The sound of a happy submissive.
    Thump, Thump, Thump…The sound of a happy submissive: pact play can take many forms from the sensual to the painful. Join us as we discuss placement of strikes, nerve points that can be fun to play with and a variety of ways to deliver that satisfying thud. We will explore everything from empty hands to custom toys and even improvised implements. Have you ever thought of having a drum circle where the drums are the backs of your sexy submissives? We have, come see what other fun ways to play we will share.
                                    Wasatch 3 Ikon 101 Psychology, BDSM, and You
    101 Psychology, BDSM, and You: An introductory survey of basic psychology and how it intersects with power-exchange and sadomasochistic practices. Touches on general mental health, conflict management, mental illness, and even delves a bit into the mechanics of conditioning!
  Wasatch 2 Shahrazad Topspace/Subspace: Exploring Altered States in BDSM Play
    Exploring Altered States in BDSM Play: This workshop will use shamanic principles to explore and more deeply understand the mysteries of altered states of awareness that both top and bottom can shift into during BDSM scenes. We will learn techniques that can induce such states, what to do if they happen spontaneously, how to navigate them and what to take into account when providing aftercare. No previous experience with topspace/subspace is necessary, though participants’ subjective experiences will be honoured and woven into the discussion.
10:45 am - 12:15 pm Wasatch 2 Mr. Dark Humiliation and Degradation: A Love Story
    Humiliation & Degradation: A Love Story - Learn about the dynamics of humiliation and degradation and what they mean to each other and to the Top and bottom engaging in such play.
  Wasatch 3 Master Donna Cutting (scalpels)
    Cuttings: Artistic, Spiritual, Technical - Master Donna performed her first cutting several years ago at DESIRE, in Palm Springs, California, after having sat in on several classes on the topic prior to that cutting. The cutting was performed during One on One instruction from Dana. She continued to educate herself on the topic, and has performed several cuttings since that time. Her presentation will include instruction in what she has thus far learned about the relative anatomy and physiology, technique, history of cutting, skin types, safety precautions, intent, and a demonstration of cuttings. Her first model will be fruit. Her second model will be a volunteer. The model should understand that there is no guarantee that the cutting will not be permanent. If you'd like to volunteer to bottom to her cutting, please FetMail her at profile: LadyOfLight.
  Cascade 3 Switch Jake The Chased and the Keyholder
    Chastity is a unique form of play and requires a very special type of relationship. This class covers various types of devices used and contains a personal account of how chastity feels from a male perspective. (Depending on if this class was picked, a female perspective could be added as well).
1:30 pm -
3:00 pm
Majestic Reggie Poly 101
    Poly101: If you've ever thought about trying a polyamorous lifestyle, or if you've had years Of experience, you won't want to miss this fun and interactive discussion.  We will cover the benefits and pitfalls of polyamory, negotiations, coping skills, and resources. Reggie Alexander and his family will talk about what they've learned and the tools they've used to maintain their seven years of poly. Come and add your insights or bring your questions! ***Discussion-based class: no need for prior experience, partners, supplies, or special equipment
  Wasatch 2 Isaac Cross The Subtle Art of Predicaments
    “The Subtle Art of Predicaments” helps players to understand and practice the art of crafting and executing predicaments, defined as placing the bottom in a situation where a choice between conflicting desires. Various Techniques will be used to inspire your own creative process of designing and implementing this devious form of psychological play.
  Wasatch 3 Bob Rubel Master/slave Mastery - Advanced; refining the fire
    Master/slave Mastery—Advanced: refining the fire: A servant serves Master’s needs or is fired; a slave serves Master’s wants or is released. However, Master’s wants must not trump slave’s needs even when playing by RACK standards. Although slave is in service to Master, Master is in service to the relationship. Welcome to the complex and elegant world of Master/slave relations. M/s offers flexibility for like-minded people to design a magical life — as long as their purposes and intentions are aligned. Quite a bit can happen when you combine a visionary leader and a strong supportive follower. Come and join our discussion about advanced power-exchange relationships. 
  Cascade 3 Master Jefferson Rope for Sex
    A writhing human form adorned with rope and not much more. Few things cause the pulse of a bondage fan to race faster. Both the person doing the tying, and the person embraced by the bindings, feel their hearts quicken. A little struggling and a little whimpering, and the scene becomes intoxicating. Nothing says control and submission in quite the same way as an effective tie. The body is more vulnerable than when mummified and rope feels more alive than chain.
This hands-on class will show you various techniques for binding someone to a chair, to a bed, or to nothing other than themselves. Unlike some bondage classes, this one will have an emphasis on bondage that is more functional than pretty. If you are one of those sick and perverted people, like the presenter, and you want to have sex with your partner while they are tied up, bring your rope!
3:30 pm - 5:00pm Wasatch 2 Hardy Haberman CBT - More Family Jewels 
    CBT – More Family Jewels: Building on material presented in my first book, “The Family Jewels: this workshop expands on techniques and explores new ground in CBT. Primarily a demonstration workshop, attendees will be invited to participate in some aspects of the play. There will be information for the newcomer, such as safety and anatomy, but the demonstrations will also include advanced activities like “Ball-Punching” and temporary genital piercing.
  Wasatch 3 Diana Filling the Void: How to fist a bitch
    "oh the joys of filling the void"  Because everyone deserves to be truly filled!!  We will learn basics of our bottoms bottom or other gaping caverns, and how persistence and lube are our beat friends. 
  Cascade 3 Master Tallen & slave George Mummification
    The holiday season is over.  The leftovers have all been consumed.  Now what does one do with all the remaining cellophane?  Master Tallen has the perfect solution …wrap up your submissives!  Join him in this hands on session where he will show tops some of the most efficient tips on getting your subs into a confined position of submission for both to enjoy.  Bottoms will experience the freeing feeling of being totally controlled.  Fun will be had by all!
  Cascade 3 Aren BDSM, Sex and Shame: Working with What Emerges
    Many trauma survivors hold shame about their sexual and BDSM desires/proclivities. The crucible of BDSM and sex can open up these core issues. Whether you intend to use BDSM for healing work, or simply want to be prepared to deal with the emergence of trauma in scene, this class is for you! Come learn tools to work with shame from a risk-aware framework. This class will address negotiation, safe wording/checking in, “understanding trauma 101”, and aftercare. 

Time Location  Presenter Class Description
9:00 am - 10:30 am    Cascade 3 Master Jefferson Negotiations
    Making the transition from casual acquaintances to players on the floor, or elsewhere, can be a tricky process. Things said, or left unsaid, can make all the difference when it comes to having fun rather than a bad or horrible experience. There are a lot of pitfalls, and hopefully you can learn how to avoid them. Negotiating isn’t just about consensual; it is about safe and sane too. It is also about being risk-aware.
But don’t think that negotiation is only for people who haven’t yet played together. Clear communication is the basis of any good relationship. Even those that have been around awhile and that critique every session they participate in have to occasionally voice, in a more general manner, their individual satisfaction and expectations. Partners can be very in-tune to each other, but that doesn’t make them mind readers. This seminar is designed to give you the knowledge that will aid in a successful and productive negotiation. It will attempt to teach you the right questions to ask and, perhaps more importantly, how to make sure that your answers are clearly understood.
  Wasatch 3 Isaac Cross Brain Play - The Joy and Dangers of the Mind Fuck
    “Brain Play – The Joy and Dangers of the Mind Fuck” For the purpose of this class, “Mind Fuck” is defined as the creation of a false perception of reality in order to stimulate particular emotions. In other words, this class is about how to effective deceive a bottom in order to heighten the experience of a scene. This class will cover techniques, methodology, and motivations for psychological manipulation of a bottom. This class may be intense at times and those who are sensitive to extreme material may want to sit this one out.
  Majestic Switch Jake How to train your Squirrel
    How to train your Squirrel - In this class we delve into the non-traditional forms of pet play. Everyone knows puppies, ponies and kitties, however, there are a slew of other animals that are represented in the kinky kingdom. For example, Switch Jake sometimes attends events as a squirrel. It is difficult to make kinksters do a double take, but dressing as a squirrel achieves this! Come learn about the vast array of non-traditional animals and let your wild side be free!
1:00 pm -
2:30 pm
Wasatch 3 Praxxis Military Tactics
    Combining military uniforms, discipline, protocol, and inspections into some hot play. Everything from hazing and drills to rank dynamics. If you have any type of military fetish this is the class for you.
 Cascade 3 SG Finding God Through Pain in the Dungeon
    Finding God through Pain in the Dungeon: Aside from electroplay, the practices our dungeons resemble those that have been done for thousands of years in most cultures throughout the world as spiritual practices. Some Christians today still practice mortification of the flesh, ecstatic religious services, and rituals honoring the sacredness of blood sacrifice. Body stress and pain creates states of transcendence (experiences above or beyond the range of physical human experience) and ecstasy (standing outside our selves, rapture). This class talks about how we use this magical state to manifest those same spiritual experiences that have guided and healed our ancestors throughout history, from ancient lore to modern practices to hot-off-the-press science.
  Majestic Bob Rubel Options for Establishing Strong and Stable Authority Imbalanced Relationships
     Options for Establishing Strong and Stable Authority-Imbalanced Relationships: Long-term authority-imbalanced relationships are not accidental; they require ongoing hard work.  However, the areas that require thought and work are often subtle – you may not even think of them on your own.  We’ll discuss topics such as aligning your core values, discussing how you define yourself and your partner affect your relationship, as well as a host of concepts/ideas for your consideration – all aimed at improving your relationship and supporting your own growth and the growth of your partner. (NOTE: attendees may wish to take notes.)